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The Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast
The National Association of EMS Physician's Prehospital Emergency Care Journal Podcast where we have fun and engaging discussion with authors of the most up to date prehospital research. Listen, Learn it, Love it, and talk to us at!

Aug 28, 2018

Welcome to PEC podcast small batch special:

Lights and Sirens


In this episode, the PEC podcast team delves into the complex issue of lights and sirens.  As part of our research, we asked paramedics their thoughts about the utilization of lights and sirens and interviewed the author of the prestigious manuscript,

Jul 4, 2018

Hello PEC Podcast Listeners!

Happy Independence Day!!!

While you're enjoying the beautiful fireworks, don't forget to check out our latest PEC Podcast episode #45!

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Highlights of our podcast include:

The Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale Can Identify Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke


May 24, 2018

Happy EMS Week Day 4:

Save a life day!

For save a life day, we talk about one of the simplest yet most effective tools to an emergent situation...TOURNIQUETS!!!

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Our very own Dr. Scott Goldberg (@EMS_Boston)

delves into our archives and discusses one of the PEC Journal's Life Long Learning...

May 23, 2018

Happy EMS Week for Kids!!!     Today, on day 3 of EMS Week, we celebrate Pediatric EMS!  Our very own triple boarded Peds, Peds EM, EMS Dr. Joelle Donofrio (@PEMEMS)     celebrates today by touring the United States and interviewing fellow triple boarded Peds EMS physicians about why their thankful for you, our EMS...

May 22, 2018

Happy EMS Week-Safety TUESDAY!!!


Today, we are pulling one of our favorite episodes from our archives because this safety issue is a furtive issue that affects not only our patients, but YOU our prehospital providers.

We present to you,  

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management in Emergency Medical...