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Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast VII

Welcome to the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast Episode VII

Happy Birthday!  We are officially 1 year old.  Thank you everyone for your support and making us a huge success!  Special gratitude goes to YOU, the listeners, for downloading us every other month and listening to our podcast!  We truly appreciate it!

To celebrate we decided to forgo our normal research based conversation and highlight a group of paramedics who practiced in a truly austere environment.  The following is our interview with the paramedics involved with the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Click here to listen and download PEC Podcast episode VII 

We hope you enjoy this podcast and thanks for listening!

Stay safe everyone, 

The PEC Podcast team

Phil Moy MD, Jeremiah Escajeda MD, Scott Goldberg MD, and Joelle Donofrio MD

To contact us please email us at


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Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast Episode VI

Welcome to the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast Episode VI!


In this podcast Dr. Jeremiah Escajeda interviews Dr. Francis Guyette about his most recent publication to the Prehospital Emergency Care Journal "Taking the blood bank to the Field: The Design and Rationale of the Prehospital Air."  Medical Plasma (PAMPer) Trial.  Its a truly engaging conversation about exciting up and coming trauma care, microphone envy and a brief conversation about how trials are named (:P) 


 Click here to listen and download podcast


We hope you enjoy this podcast and thanks for listening!

Stay safe everyone,

PEC Podcast Team

Phil Moy, Jeremiah Escajeda, and Scott Goldberg



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Prehospital Emergency Care

Hi all, 

Get ready for an awesome episode to be published soon starring Dr. Ricky Kue, Assistant Medical Director of Boston EMS, reviewing his manuscript "Tourniquet Use in a Civilian Emergency Medical Services Setting: A Descriptive Analysis of the Boston EMS Experience"

Right click here to download.


Thanks for listening and feel free to contact us at or twitter us @pecpodcast for any suggestions for future podcast episodes or any comments you have.  Who knows?  You may be the next star on Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast!


Stay tuned for the next Episode!


Phil Moy MD

Scott Goldberg MD

Jeremiah Escajeda MD

Prehospital Emergency Care

National Association of EMS Physicians, NAEMSP

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast.  We have exciting interviews with Dr. Daniel Patterson, Dr. Kevin Munjal, and Deputy Director/Chief of Clinical Affairs Michael Bachman who were all highlighted at the NAEMSP 2015 Conference in New Orleans.  

Interviewer Dr. Jeremiah Escajeda MD, current EMS Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh talks to the famous Dr. Daniel Patterson PhD, NRP about EMS sleepiness and fatigue and Dr. Patterson's NAEMSP Best EMS Professional award-winning SleepTractTXT trial.
Part II
Dr. Scott Goldberg interviewed Dr. Kevin Munjal, assistant professor and associate director of prehospital care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Goldberg is an EMS physician practicing in Boston, Massachusetts. He talked with Dr. Munjal about his involvement with Mobile Integrated Health in the New York area and nationally. They then discuss a novel MIH program to improve geriatric patient discharges. 
Part III
Dr. Hawnwan Moy interviewed Deputy Director/Chief of clinical Affairs of Wake County EMS System Michael Bachman about his poster, a top 5 EMS innovation of 2015, Active Threat Response: Objective Evaluation of an Integrated Rescue Task Force Model. 
We hope you enjoy this episode and please feel free to leave any comments on our website, email us at, or follow us on twitter @pecpodcast. 
Cheers and be safe!
Hawnwan Moy MD
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Prehospital Emergency Care Episode III

















Hi everyone!  

This month's Prehospital Emergency Care podcast will be an interview with Dr. John Holcomb's article, Prehospital Transfusion of Plasma and Red Blood Cells in Trauma Patients in this month's Journal of Prehospital Emergency Care. 


This podcast includes Dr. Holcomb's career arc from his humble beginnings in Arkansas to his time as a United States Army Surgeon in the Black Hawk Down incident to his current research on prehospital transfusion.  It is a truly fascinating story and conversation.  Enjoy!


Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts about this podcast!  I'll see you in New Orleans at the NAEMSP Conference.  Feel free to find me and let me know what you think about the podcast.



Hawnwan Philip Moy MD

Assistant Medical Director, Saint Louis Fire Department

Division of Emergency Medicine

Washington University in Saint Louis

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Prehospital Emergency Care Episode 2

Hi all,

During the Code 3 Conference in Saint Louis, I had a conversation with Dr. Brent Myers about an article the Wake County EMS System published titled, " Retrospective Validation of a Protocol to Limit Unneceessary Transport of Assisted-living Residents Who Fall." Together we analyze this article's methods, means of evaluation, and falls protocol.  Finally, we end on a more personal note about his career, aspirations, and advice for the younger generation for EMS physicians.  

Thanks for listening and feel free to leave comments so we can improve this podcast for your listening pleasure.  

Have a happy holidays and be safe.  

Right Click here to dowload MP3



Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD


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Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast October 2014

Hello fellow Prehospital Emergency Care (PEC) listeners!  Welcome to the VERY FIRST PEC podcast where Dr. Menegazzi and I select a couple articles from the quarterly publication of PEC.  

Right click here to download.

This month we have chosen three articles:

1.  Paramedics Self-Reported Exposure to Violence in the EMS Workplace

2.  Housing First is Associated with Reduced Use of Emergency Medical Services

3.  Field Physiologic Triage Criteria for Older Adults

Guest starring interviews from the authors themselves:

Blair Bigham MSc, ACPf

Susan Collins PhD

Craig Newgard MD, MPH

We hope you enjoy the inaugural edition of Prehospital Emergency Care and please continue to follow us as we provide you with more content in the future!

Cheers and stay safe,

Philip Moy, MD

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