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Jun 15, 2016

Hi listeners!

First and foremost, our hearts and tears goes out to the families and victims of the Orlando attacks.  Second, we would like to recognize Orlando Police, Fire, EMS, Physicians, and Nurses for their service on that fateful day.  Thank you for all that you do.  


Thanks for tuning into our small batch episode where we conclude Dr. Lars Wik's amazing story. 

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We hope you enjoy this Amazing story and the pictures of this case below. 


 fig 1.  The patient was found 4 feet above the ground. 


 fig 2.  Rescuers could not simply pull her out as the garage door had pinned her in.  

Fig. 3  Here are the marks left over for the ingenious method of using a car jack to open the garage door slightly and remove the patient. 

Fig. 4 The space where the patient's body was entrapped with the dents from the car jack. 

Fig 5  The space between the garage door and the wall is no wider than a man's fist.  

We hope you enjoyed this amazing small batch episode of PEC podcast.  Stay tuned for our next episode coming out on July 22.  Thanks for listening! 

The PEC Podcast Team,

Hawnwan Moy MD Scott Goldberg MD

Jeremiah Escajeda MD

Joelle Donofrio DO