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The Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast
The National Association of EMS Physician's Prehospital Emergency Care Journal Podcast where we have fun and engaging discussion with authors of the most up to date prehospital research. Listen, Learn it, Love it, and talk to us at!

Jul 22, 2016

Happy July everyone!  We hope you're enjoying

the dog days and summer and staying cool during

this hot and humid season!  

















The photo above was courtesy of Dr. Paul Rostykus,

our very own firework show extraordinaire.  

Well whatever you're doing, we hope you'll enjoy this

fantastic podcast that we have prepared for you. 


Right click here to download.


Highlights from this episode include:


1) A phenomenal interview with Dr. Thomas Blackwell

about his manuscript and revolutionary program titled [7:04]

Emergency Medical Technician Training for

Medical Students: a Two-Year Experience

2) A conversation with Dr. Paul Rostykus about his

firework talents and his research manuscript [27:10]

Variability in the treatment of prehospital

hypoglycemia: a structured review of EMS protocols

in the United States

3) And finally, Dr. David Tan speak about his

experience with Double Sequential Defibrillation

from his article [39:38]

Double Sequential Defibrillation for Refractory

Ventricular Fibrillation a Case Report


We hope you enjoyed this amazing small batch

episode of PEC podcast.  Stay tuned for our next

episode coming out next month.  Thanks for listening! 

The PEC Podcast Team,

Hawnwan Moy MD Scott Goldberg MD

Jeremiah Escajeda MD

Joelle Donofrio DO