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The Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast
The National Association of EMS Physician's Prehospital Emergency Care Journal Podcast where we have fun and engaging discussion with authors of the most up to date prehospital research. Listen, Learn it, Love it, and talk to us at!

Jan 18, 2017

Happy New Years From the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast Team and NAEMSP!

We hope that your new year and new resolutions are in full swing...but more importantly, you're getting ready for the National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Conference in New Orleans next week!

To get you ready for this awesome conference, we have a special podcast for you where we highlight and interview speakers of some of the sessions.  With a conversation lead by the current NAEMSP president, Dr. Brice, we hope you enjoy this preview of the conference to come!

Click here to download now!

Dr. Terry Fairbanks

Safety: Can EMS Learn from Aviation and Safety Engineering? [2:29]


James Green

Ambulance Safety Engineering [5:51]


Col. Chetan Kharod MD

EMS Resiliency: Humans are More Important than Hardware [10:07]


Peter Talliac MD & Matthew Sholl MD

Implementing Evidence-Based Protocols





Ritu Sahni MD

EMS Advocacy Making a Difference: DEA, Stop the Bleed & #EMSStrong[18:46]



Matthew Hansen MD & Garth Melker MD

Improving Pediatric Patient Safety, Lessons Learned from Children's Safety Initiative EMS and Future Directions[23:40]




Angela Cunningham BSN, RN, CCRN-K, C-NPT

EMS Tips & Tools for Children with Complex Medical Needs




Ann Marie Farina NR-P (Pictured on left)

EMS Provider Wellness - Suicide



Stay Tuned for the next episode and we look forward to seeing everyone at the NAEMSP Conference next week in New Orleans!

Hawnwan Moy MD

Scott Goldberg MD

Jeremiah Escajeda MD

Joelle Donofrio DO